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Looking to Commission An Artist For Profile Picture - Will Pay Well


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Hey there, I am looking to have someone make me a simplistic silhouette profile picture. One that is similar to this person's profile picture that was created by Sonikku: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198124713930/


I have an Unusual Rotation Sensation - Scorching Flames (painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue), and always pair it with Graybanns and a beard cosmetic. Many people call this the Keemstar loadout! Anyhow, I'd like the picture to be an all black silhouette of the hat, glasses, and beard along with the scorching flames above it. You can see which beards I use in my inventory, so here is my profile:




I'd love to hear ideas, see samples, or even if you do it and post it here and I really like it I will pay out.


It can either be SFM Portrait Style, or Drawing. I prefer a drawing style like Sonikku's however.


I am paying 2 keys for the profile picture.



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hello! i'd be up to draw you an icon with the silhouette style! gonna try to see what i can do, but let me know if you're okay with it! here's a sample of my art btw! thank you for your time!



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