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backpack.tf Unusual Pricing Event Results!

Teeny Tiny Cat

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We have had an absolutely amazing week with a rough estimate of around 400 unusuals and taunts updated during the course of the event! I know you've all been eagerly awaiting the results, so on to the prizes...


Mods' Choice: Teamwork $150 bonus marketplace credit shared between your team, and a fancy winners badge on your backpack.tf profile


We debated between a few different teams who really impressed us during the event. For the most part, you all showed a fantastic level of engagement and teamwork, and you should all be proud of yourselves. However, when it came down to it, the team we feel worked the best together overall was Team 3. Pretty much every member of this team was online, enthusiastic, and working extremely hard. The more experienced team members were hugely involved and spent time with their less experienced peers, and the newcomers to suggesting continually asked questions, listened to answers, and were eager to learn. The fact that this team also scored the most points demonstrates the power in working together and utilising every person on your team. Fantastic job, guys.


Mods' Choice: Quality $150 bonus marketplace credit shared between your team, and a fancy winners badge on your backpack.tf profile


We were again torn between several different teams for this award. Several teams managed to maintain high quality output throughout, with minimal numbers of closed suggestions compared to other teams. The team we eventually decided on was Team 2.  This team managed an impressive 63 points with ZERO closed suggestions through the event, which is an incredible feat which no other team has matched!


Event MVP $50 bonus marketplace credit and MVP badge on your backpack.tf profile


There were multiple experienced suggesters who displayed exemplary teaching, endless patience, solid work ethic, and a huge time input. You should all be proud of yourselves for helping new users understand how suggesting works and for making this event enjoyable for them. The person we decided did this the best was Shuffle spy. Shuffle demonstrated incredible leadership, patience, quality control, teaching, and plain old hard work. He made suggestions himself and skillfully guided his teammates, allowing them to blossom. 


Best Newcomer $50 bonus marketplace credit and a special badge on your backpack.tf profile


Although this was not originally a planned category, we decided that it was absolutely necessary. MVP is always going to be won by someone with experience, but that doesn't mean that newcomers to suggesting aren't valuable. Numerous site newbies put in an incredible amount of work, showing willingness and eagerness to learn, and picking up the elements of suggesting extremely quickly. The event wouldn't work without you guys either, and we want to reward your effort in this event and future ones. Our choice for best newcomer this time was Pasdenon. He threw himself into the event, put in an incredible amount of time and hard work, and most of all had fun!




Every person participating in the event will receive 1 month of free premium, a share of the $1 per point prize pool for their team's points total, and a participation badge on their backpack.tf profile. All prize info has been sent to geel and jesse to apply.


Team points totals:


Team 1 total 15
Team 2 total 64
Team 3 total 121
Team 4 total 107
Team 5 total 43
Team 6 total 42
Team 7 total 46




I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated. We ran the event over a fairly busy period, but despite that the amount of work put in by participants, event helpers, and price moderators, has been astounding. I particularly want to thank our event helpers, who put in a huge amount of their own time for no reward and both contributed to teams' success and lightened the load on the mods. As a small thanks, you will all receive 1 month of free premium on the site. Last but not least I want to thank our wonderful owners, geel and jesse, who have generously agreed to provide all the prize funds. 


In summary: you're all fantastic! Thank you for another great event. We'll run the next one when everyone has some more free time. ;)


- Teeny and Woifi


P.S. If you haven't already, please head here to give us some feedback on the event! Thanks!

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Thanks for hosting this event! Even though I wasn't the luckiest when it comes to availability, I had so much fun, I love seeing all taunts having their actual price now, good work everyone.

I hope I'll be able to participate in another event!

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Thanks so much for yet another event! Had a great time watching teams bond, people learn, and reviewing awesome suggestions. Can't wait for the next!

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Want to give a BIG thanks to the admins for this event, to the price moderators & event helpers & my team (of course) for the help to build a complete suggestion!

It was a really nice experience; I leard a lot and I spend a lot of time with my team BUT it was worth it! Yeah It was so fun and I'm really happy to see those taunt with their (real) price.

Thank you again and Happy new year!

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Thanks for the event, even helpers were amazing! (Especially you Zeus xo)

It was fun and the newer suggesters learned a ton!

Till the next one!

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