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Ban and trust...


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Because i got ban for "giving fake trust" here is all my story, on 30 dec. 2017 i send trade offer to this guy: https://backpack.tf/u/76561198145308760 he has a listing that he is buying Blighted Beak for 7.22ref i send him the trade, as you can see he has say that he do "Instant trade if he is not away" but he was online also on his name has BOT and instant trade but he did not accept it, then i put on his bp profile that he is not a bot and he did not accept my trade offer (that was with proof)  then he added me and he is saying to me that i send him empty trade offer and i just put bad trust to him that he did not accept that and he unfriend me,also he put bad trust to me, he also post on my profile that i send him a empty trade offer i put again, after that i complained about that on bp discord server in #site-discussion that i have problem with that but @Teeny Tiny Cat remove the negative (or bad it's easy to type for me) trust from both (me and him)  i was furious about that and i put bad trust again on his profile with all the proof and he do the same for me with this photo: https://imgur.com/duXke2j that "i send him a empty offer" but that is not true, (all proof i will put on the end of this text) then i put in chat again that he make me that i'm scammer or so.. that i send empty trade offer and @Teeny Tiny Cat ban us both, i understand why but i did not understand why this fake bot is till on this community and banned for 1 day ??
All proof here:
My chat with him, his comment on my profile and trade offer i send him ( i cancel that offer after he say that to me in the chat and unfriend me) : https://imgur.com/a/l8mV1
all my trade offers paste few days ( i will give a share screen on my full trade offer history just to see this guy banned): https://imgur.com/a/WhfyD

his screenshot that he post on my profile for bad rating: https://imgur.com/duXke2j

I did not what title to say.
Happy new year to all.
P.S Does the Trust mean that you give only positive trust for someone? Because if not then why the negative trust i give to this guy is removed? 

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You didn't get banned for giving fake trust, you got banned for repeatedly replacing invalid trust when mods removed it.  As I have told you REPEATEDLY, you can report users who do not honor their classified listings using the on-site report system. NOT trust, NOT discord and NOT here.

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