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A Brainiac may need price refresh.


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Hi, I have just bought a disco beat down brainiac for 60 keys and I think it may need a price suggestion. I originally offered on another brainiac, but the owner told me that he/she had just sold it (that day), so I went to the other seller and bought it for 60 keys pure. So thats two dbd brainiacs sold within 24 hours, though im not sure what the other one was sold for. I would suggest it myself if I was more knowledgeable about pricing, heck,  Im not even sure if this is the right forum to post this on...


I'm not trying to price manipulate, I wouldn't even bother trying to update the price if I had just bought the unusual, but since two of the same unusual was just sold, I think its only fair that if someone wants to try and price it, I will give evidence of my trade.


Plus the pricing event is going so...yeah.


Edit: Suggestion posted

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