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Help with making specific buy order for a killstreak kit


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Go to that weapons killstreak kit stats page, and click buy order. For example, a Pro Killstreak Rocket Launcher Kit

https://backpack.tf/stats/Unique/Professional Killstreak Kit/Tradable/Non-Craftable/3-205


But you can not make a buy order for specific effects. Any buy order you make has to be what you are willing to pay for any effect and sheen. You can put in the comments a high price you would be willing to spend for a specific combo. e.g.


create buy order for 15 keys (means you'll pay 15 keys for any kit, even Mean Green Hypno-Beam and keep buying them as long as you have the order up)

Comment: I really want Team Shine Tornado and will pay 20 keys for it!


How to find a wepaon stats page...


Go to classified listings, click the 3 dots.


Type the weapon, select the drop down box labeled "Find the recipes where the output...." like in the picture.


And then you get this.



Click any item matching what you are looking for (basic KS, spec KS, pro KS) and click stats.

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