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Buying Premium

Marvash Magalli

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Am I crazy, or the feature to purchase premium using Paypal disappeared? My card is getting declined, is there any way to use Paypal again?

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4 hours ago, Marvash Magalli said:

Apparently Scrap.tf Paypal account got blocked, or something like that... back to using keys I guess

Yea, and paypal support is a b*tch


4 hours ago, BLIND o-o said:

don't buy 2 month prem is currently bugged i paid for 2 month still haven't received it had to open ticket and still no respond after 24hr 

If you paid with keys, its not bugged for me :P

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What does this mean for people with recurring paypal subscriptions?  Mine is still showing as active in Paypal, but I no longer have premium access.


Honestly if I can't pay by paypal, I'll just give up on it entirely.


Oh, and it looks like I'm still considered premium on the forums, but not on searches where it matters.  Heh.

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