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ANNOUNCEMENT: Prizes and Winners of the Backpack.TF Secret Santa Event


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We had a large turnout for the Backpack.tf Secret Santa. Over 100 users participating, swapping gifts and buying items for their buddies. As we promised, however, the organizers have prizes to distribute to a few individuals who gifts struck us! 


PRIZE #1 MOST FESTIVE: Phoster  (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198070168650) wins the prize for most festive. He bought his buddy all of the following:   2 Refined Metal, Strange Candy Cane, Unique Handy Canes, Unique Elf Esteem, Strange Brain-Warming Wear, Unique Flammable Favor, Unique Socked and Loaded, Unique Festive Bonesaw, Unique Festive Chargin' Targe, Unique Festive Shotgun.PHOSTER WILL RECEIVE AN UNUSUAL ELF ESTEEM Hat! 


PRIZE #2 MOST FITTING: Prince of Albania (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069283620 ) : "The theme is: "Jingle BELLS - BATMAN smells - Robin laid an EGG - Batmobile lost a WHEEL - JOKER got away!"" Unique Tide Turner, Unique Jingle Belt, Genuine Arkham Cowl, Unique Pestering Jester, Unique Egghead Overalls https://backpack.tf/item/5769638712 https://backpack.tf/item/6348564025 https://backpack.tf/item/4386184582 https://backpack.tf/item/6343222171 https://backpack.tf/item/4554219052HIS PRIZE WILL BE AN UNUSUAL TAUNT: I SEE YOU!


PRIZE #3 FUNNIEST: Orete (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198056762344) "This is my gift https://imgur.com/a/cerBm  a duck lover loadout for multiple classes." Unique Duck Billed Hatypus, Unique Deadliest Duckling, Custom Photo Badge, Custom Killstreak Conscientious Objector. For his ABSURD DUCK LOADOUT, Orete will be given an UNUSUAL PESTERING JESTER Hat. 


We hope everyone enjoyed participating in the event. Check in with either me or HarryG tomorrow to receive the gift that your Secret Santa bought for you :D..


Happy Holidays Everyone! 


The Backpack.TF Secret Santa Crew.

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