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problems with PSU, help?

Orengi オレンジ

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Power Surges detected during previous power on problems

This has been happening alot recently.

It seems to go away if my computer case isn't standing (so its laying down on one of its sides)

I recently got another 8gigs of RAM, and ever since it started happening alot. First started appearing when I changed my GPU to GTX 970.

NOTE: My computer would randomly turn off, and either restart immediately, or if I just touch it in any way, it will restart then.

This has been really annoying since I'm not sure if I can finish a game of competitive without my PC turning off.




CPU: i5-4460 @3,20GHz
RAM: 16GB Kingston HyperX (2x8)
Motherboard: ASUS H97-PLUS
PSU: LC6650GP3 V2.3 (650W)

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LC is just a bit better then random "no-name" PSUs (i had similar one for one of my budget builds - did not rly work good), better get some proper one to protect your components.

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opened up the case and replugged all the psu cables to their components, really made sure they were connected. 6 hrs later, so far so good. case is standing up, no shutdowns

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