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Parallels between Bitcoin and keys?



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  1. 1. Is key pricing a bubble like bitcoin?

    • No, you're an idiot.
    • Yes, there is a bubble, and it will pop.
    • Yes, there is a bubble, but the systems are different, and it will never pop.
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I'm not sure if this sort of thing is allowed, but with the news buzzing about bitcoin and it's 'speculation bubble', and the 'inevitable crash', do we have to worry about anything like that happening to keys? I know the TF economy any the Bitcoin economy work quite differently, but is it still anything to worry about?

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Situations are completely different. Keys aren’t rising, ref is just going down in values since there is an infinite supply. Bitcoin has a supply cap and less isn’t being found overtime. Plus, people see the huge price increases and invest. That speculation of increasing prices is what is leading to the eventual bubble for bitcoin while keys aren’t changing prices but ref is.

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The most obvious difference is bitcoin is strongly based off speculation and a limited supply, while the key bubble is of two theoretically infinite groups of currencies, except one grows at a far faster rate, causing it's value to be lower over time as compared to the other

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11 hours ago, Budi said:

Zero correlation between the two. 


That's really incorrect. Look at CSGO Key prices for the past year compared with Bitcoins, I think you'll find a negative correlation. Bitcoins started rising dramatically in March - April of this year... https://opskins.com/?loc=shop_view_item&item=323587385 Look at the 360 day graph, you can clearly see it. 

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