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Steam phone number issue.


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So I've removed my phone number from my steam account since I had problems with my phone.

A few days go by and I fix my phone and when i tried to attach the same phone number it gives me some bs that the number was used to break steam ToS (which it wasn't wtf)

So naturally i contact steam support and I have a few issues about the things they said


Like as an example here, what the fuck are they saying about it being connected and then literally the next message it says it is removed from the account??



And here they say the lock expires on May 05 2016, and as far as I fucking know we are in december 2017

And no before you ask I do not have any alts linked to this account, I have not cheated in any games or been scamming anyone, and most importantly noone

has the acces to my phone number but me.

So what do I say to them???

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If you can still trade move your shit to an alt and wait the 15 days,other than that try to figure it out with steam so you can get your account back 

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