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Server Does Not Appear On Community Internet Search


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I know this is not a support thread, feel free to move it if need be. I sadly have been in dire straits lately.


My unusual server is almost done, all that it needs is Population... The problem is is that currently the only way to connect to it is Direct Connect IP through console.


I am at a loss. If there are any experienced server owners here, I would be great-full if there was anything you could show me or ask me to look at.


Thanks again, Karl


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In server.cfg
// server listing in browser
sv_master_legacy_mode 1
setmaster remove hl2master.steampowered.com:27011
setmaster remove hl2master.steampowered.com:27015
setmaster add hl2master.steampowered.com:27011
setmaster add hl2master.steampowered.com:27015




//Make sure

sv_lan 0

sv_region 4 //asia

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