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Not sure if I am able to sell this unusual.

Sir Sir

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Hey there! I bought an unusual bubbling razor cut for 11.26 keys and they were originally selling it for 13 keys.


I want 12 keys for it to cover my last loss of .7 keys. Got any tips on how I can sell this?


I know it is going to be tricky since a lot of people want quick sells and I am unable to do that for obvious reasons.


Edit: Someone traded me it for a 22 key taunt, they said they really hated taunts.

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5 hours ago, SpotlightR said:

That taunt is not worth 22 keys. There are multiple unsolds around 12 on it. Do more research next time.


I know taunts are worth a lot less then what they are advertised for. I was hoping it would be easier to sell that for 12 keys.

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