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A Fraud Ban?

The Happiest Changeling

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Yeah, this may be an easy answer, but it came up last night so I wanted to ask about it.


Got added by a guy last night and figured out he was a scammer pretty quickly. I got his Steam URL, checked his backpack.tf and yep, banned and a marked scammer. I decided to check his Steam.rep as well and I got a message (see image below). At first I shrugged it off and gave him the runaround (and by god he was persistent), but after my friend shut him down I was left wondering, how exactly does someone get banned for fraud? Is it a matter of a PayPal scam or is it just a general thing? I ask because I've handled quite a few scammers and this is the first time I've seen it come up. Again, probably an easy answer, but it piqued my curiosity.


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