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questions about suggesting unusual


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i want to start making suggestions on unusual prices, but i have a few questions about it.


1. what is a good way to get proof? i dont have backpack.tf premium. (i now what the proof has to be to be valid, just cant seem to find alot of trades)

2. when i look at a unusual with noone selling it, how do i check what the items was recently traded for?

3. if an item is unsold for a long time, and there are no other trades found, can you lower to the price of the seller?


thanks in advance.


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Unfortunately, not much can be done without premium. Your best bet would to be to look at previously accepted suggestions and find the item histories through them, though that isn't going to work well with unpriced items. If you submit a suggestion, that may be missing sales from items that you didn't have access to, someone should be able to post the histories of those items, or even post the sales that have been missed.


As for your last question, yes you can drop unusual items with unsolds, but only if it meets the criteria:

  • There are no usable sales.
  • You must drop the mean value of the hat by at least 15%. (i.e. You shouldn't be dropping a hat from 31 to 30 keys based on a b/o. You SHOULD be dropping the value on a hat from 100 to 50 if 50 can't sell in a month). 
  • The trade must have a reasonable time to mature (and must be reasonably bumped). What is reasonable varies from hat to hat. A good rule of thumb is to go by roughly 25 keys per week. So a trade for a hat <25 keys in value must be up for at least a week. A trade for a hat <50 keys must be up for at least 2 weeks. A trade for a hat <75 keys must be up for at least 3 weeks. For all other hats, the trade must be up for at least a month in order to price them based off the b/o. 

Retrieved from part 1, under "Buyouts (B/Os)


If using scrap.tf unsolds, the item must be listed for a month.

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