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Give me some tips for selling my BP

guy person

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Well usually, the killstreaks are less than what is on the items in your backpack. Plus any painted aren't usually counted. Or only a small amount.

If you wish to quicksell it. There are plenty of buyers @ half price of the price of your backpack. (Unless of course there are certain items selling for a lot less than what they are (eg duped max's head)

Also it would be best if you changed everything into keys and ref. Would make it a lot easier to sell.

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If you're looking to sell everything at once, there are plenty of people who would be interested. You'd probably fetch 27-30 keys


You could also sell everything by yourself. Just list everything at the cheapest price on classifieds and sell to quickbuyers if they are close enough. This will obviously take some time, but you can get a few keys more. 

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