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Questions about item history.

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I am considering buying a clean g.e. beak.


I am hesitant as when checking the item's history in the backpack ( http://backpack.tf/item/781884542 ) it shows up as having 2 fewer owners than the same item on outpost ( http://www.tf2outpost.com/item/440,2280862367 ) which tends to be less complete. However, checking the cached backpack ( http://backpack.tf/id/76561198043716833?time=1364972400 ) the item is there and so I would assume the backpack has been scanned.

Also, the backpacks of the first two owners have since been cleared out which causes more doubt.


Is this an indicator that the item was created in the third (SteamRep marked) owner's backpack?


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 I am most of all credibility of that source of information  http://www.tf2items.com/item/781884542   .  If the sale went quickly (a few hours) or backpack closed - some owners will not be shown .


The most important thing is not to buy stuff from dubious people the fact that the item was once owned scammer, I think is not so important (the main thing that it was clean).
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