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Unboxing an Unpriced Unusual


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         Recently I unboxed a crate and got a Unusual Taunt: Bad Pipes, with the effect Ghastly Ghosts. I didn't know how much it was so I checked backpack.tf and I saw that there was no price for it, and that only two of them existed. Because this becomes tradable 11/10/17, I wanted to either find a price or make my own. Using backpack.tf, I did a little math to make my own price. I first looked at all the different prices of Bad Pipes Unusuals compared to the average cost of the effect. I got a percent difference from each one of those, there were 12 that were priced, and got an average of 46%. Taking that I multiplied 177.27, the average cost for the Ghastly Ghost effect, by 0.46 to get 82 keys. Then I took every taunt that had the ghastly ghost effect and compared that to the average price which was 100%, duh. So I added 46 and 99, I didn't want to use 100, and then divided it to get the average there. The average was 72.5 and then I multiplied 177.27, average price for the ghastly ghost effect, and 0.725, my average percentage of the effect. After that I got 128 keys. Using 82 and 128, I added the two and divided giving me 105 keys for the Unusual Bad Pipes. My question is, is that too high a price for this unusual? I know taunts aren't as popular to trade so I'm trying to balance the math with the chance I'll get a buyer. So, I need help. Would you buy this unusual for 105 keys or prefer another price? (I'm not asking for offers, just an estimate of what you would buy them for)

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