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Card Swapping: Add instructions of all items as acceptable for payment


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I've been using the card swapping service for a little while and I think it is great!  I have been buying and selling cards, emoticons, and backgrounds with the bots successfully and happily for a few days now.  


Just recently, though, I noticed that Team Fortress 2 metal was also trade-able here.  I had no idea!  It was only by accident that I noticed it available for purchase.


My suggestion is to add a list to the Card Swapping Service instructions header listing all the types of items that are trade-able with bots in addition to just cards.  Something like this:


You may buy or sell these items:

* Trading cards

* Emoticons

* Backgrounds

* Team Fortress 2 metal and keys

* other stuff I don't know are acceptable here...


This will help me (and other n00bs) know what I can sell so I can buy more cards.


Thanks again and have a great day!!   ^_^





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Correct.  I (and other new people) just need to know what besides cards, emoticons, and backgrounds that I can sell to the site to buy cards and stuff.

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Cool.  But, having a list of what we are able to sell for credits at the top of the page would be nice so that as things change ("You can now sell Dota 2 keys"), we know about it.  ^_^  Who can get this confirmed and going? (Just Brad Pitt or are there other admins that can do it?)


Thanks again and have fun!!

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