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Most infamous sharker?


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Hi guys, it appears that there has been zero action till now on reporting Jhejh poT, one of the reputably most infamous sharkers on the market. After investigation with a fellow trader, who shall remain unnamed at this point in time, we have uncovered some of his dastardly deeds.

Now, I understand that unpriced unusuals are quite subjected to whether a person likes it or not, but taking advantage of fresh unboxers & offering unpriced hats that are obviously worth way less is a terrible terrible thing to do.



What looks like 145 in mixed for burning field practice(priced in june/july at 250 keys ffs, trade done in august.)



An attempted misrepresentation of a roboactive burning bandanna being worth 190 keys(attached is a list of effects with spellbound being 120 only)



This here is also a highly suspicious trading day.

Checking the eotl key's, even giving him the benefit of the doubt of not knowing the people were scammers.....

Check out the people gifting the keys: cirese1/cirese2/cipsuri4/cipsuri3

Kinda massive red flag there.




We strongly implore the administrators/moderators to take action on him.

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  • Administrators

We don't mediate value disputes.

Our stance on sharking can be found here.

Threads intended to name and shame users will be closed.


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