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So I was going to sell my unusual to this man named iTrade and then after a while i saw a better price for my unusual up on bp.tf so i was like ill just tell him now and this is what happned





TheSaltyAlien: also ive been lookingat backpack.tf and someone is offering 13 keys
TheSaltyAlien: so
iTrade ™ | Quickbuying: Ah ok
TheSaltyAlien: how bad do u want this hat?
TheSaltyAlien: if not alot ill still add u
TheSaltyAlien: i mean keep u*
iTrade ™ | Quickbuying: I thought we had made an agreement at 12.55
TheSaltyAlien: yea but 13 keys is 13 keys
TheSaltyAlien: i was looking at a really good hat
TheSaltyAlien: that i could get
TheSaltyAlien: for like 11
iTrade ™ | Quickbuying: I guess your word means nothing. Glad I screenshotted it so I can leave you bad rep then for breaking your word :)
iTrade ™ | Quickbuying: I could have easily done 13 but with this attitude
iTrade ™ | Quickbuying: I am not interested
TheSaltyAlien: well ok dont need to be so mean tho
iTrade ™ | Quickbuying: Cheers
TheSaltyAlien: i still love u <3
iTrade ™ | Quickbuying: I don't
TheSaltyAlien: o
iTrade ™ | Quickbuying: I dislike scum
TheSaltyAlien: whoaaa
TheSaltyAlien: little bit far
iTrade ™ | Quickbuying: Not really?
iTrade ™ | Quickbuying: In trading your word means everything
iTrade ™ | Quickbuying: So you're scum by nature
iTrade ™ | Quickbuying is now Offline.
TheSaltyAlien: also is iTrade a websight?
iTrade ™ | Quickbuying is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in


Is he a scammer or is he just rude?

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He's rude. And this is no place for naming and shaming people, it only starts drama. Block and move on.

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