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REDMED's Art Commissions [open!]


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Hey there! I've decided to start TF2 commissions to feed my item and cosmetic addiction :'^)

Right here you can commission me to do art of your loadout, or even your OC in your desired loadout!

Comment down if interested or you have any questions or send me a pm!



Do not beg for free art.

I do OC and Fanart! I'm not limited to the official classes and I can do female ones!

No rushing. Don't come to me asking updates for your art every 5 second or so. Just, no dude..

Feel free to use your commissioned art anywhere! All I ask is I get credited properly and my watermark stays.

I send sketches before payment. If you are unhappy about the sketch you are free to cancel the commission. However, anything past sketch is non-refundable. 

I accept a variety of payment! I do keys, tickets, items, and even metals! I can also accept Paypal payments too!




Icons: 5 keys/mvm tickets



Waist up: 10 keys/mvm tickets



Full body: 15 keys/mvm tickets

No example yet


ITEM LIST AS PAYMENTS: https://sta.sh/02ge5d2bxovj


once you've decided, you can fill up this form and comment it down or pm it to me!


Name:  (your preferred name here)

Commission type: (Icon/Waist up/Fullbody)

Team and Class: (Not limited to RED and BLU! Class, however, shall only be official TF2 classes)

OC/Loadout: (A reference to your loadout. And if you want me to draw your OC in the said loadout references of them goes here too!)

Payment: (Your preferred payment and payment method)




(R/YT Banner)Hoovytube:
(R/Bust)Sethos S.:
(R/icon)Sushi Cat:
(B/icon)Coco Mocha: Soda Popper, Widowmaker, Dogfighter, Combat Medic's crusher cap, Medi-Mask, Foppish Physician, The Tuxxy
(/Waist up)STEΛLTH: 5 keys and strange all father

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On 10/31/2017 at 7:44 PM, RoR said:

Holy shit! Amazing stuff

I might want to get one, I'll have to scrap together some shit first to get to 5 keys tho lol

thanks so much! 

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