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This sub-forum is for serious discussion. While the entire forum has rules and standards, the topics here can be very divisive. Stricter limits are placed on spam, rudeness, and other disruptive behavior.


Do not harass or insult other users. This is true of all sub-forums, but is especially important with such sensitive topics. Any name-calling or rudeness is not okay.


Do not belittle others' ideas or viewpoints. You are welcome to counter arguments with your own, or to politely disagree. Attacking other ideas, however, is not appropriate.


No racism. Any ethnic slurs or epithets will not be tolerated. Being proud of your country/heritage is one thing, but bigoted or intolerant comments are not cool.


Be polite and calm. Getting upset never makes a situation better. The great thing about the internet is that you can take a moment to collect yourself before posting. Keeping the discussion civil makes it that much richer and fuller--time spent angry is time wasted.


No spamming. Posts without content only distract from the discussion. We have a section of the forums specifically for joke posts--this is not the place for it.


Ignoring any of these rules is grounds for a warning.


If you see someone violating one of these rules, use the report function. You can find the report button in the bottom right corner of any post, to the left of the quote/multiquote buttons.


Even if it is not explicitly stated here, the mods reserve the right to warn any anti-social or disruptive behavior. Use your common sense when posting--we are here to promote discussion, not flame wars.

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