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General overview on the jungle update


General thoughts on jungle inferno?  

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  1. 1. General overview of the update

    • I like it! Superb for me
    • Meh. So-so.
    • It gave me cancer
  2. 2. General thoughts on the new weapons?

    • I like it! Very decent
    • Too OP. Requires a nerf
    • I hate them.
  3. 3. General thought on the unusualifiers dropping?

    • There goes Taunt values.
    • More! More unusual taunts!
    • Don't unbox and trade taunts sooo......

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Lots upon lots of Pyros on servers. But that's inevitable since all of them get Pyro contracts. Not only that, the Dragon's Fury is extremely powerful, definitely needs to be nerfed a little, or at least made more difficult to use.

The wait for a casual match is terribly long, even if you choose multiple maps, getting on one of the new maps was basically impossible and I haven't managed to get on any of those servers  first day. Also the game coordinator crashed on me multiple times, but I'm sure those problems will be easily resolved as the time comes.

But that's enough talking about flaws.

I absolutely love the new contracts. Definitely worth that 5€, they enourage trying different tactics and focusing on the objective. You can't turn the contract in until the round is over so there's no more people abandoning the game just after completing their contracts.

For some reason the Casual matches (ignoring the pyro spam) were greatly balanced. I've played multiple games since the update and none of them was a one-sided pubstomp. They were challenging and fair for both sides.

The level cap for Casual has been increased, too. It adds a little more incentive to play the game, since there used to be no real reward for completing a game after reaching level 150.


Overall it's a very nice update. It has its problems but these should be fixed quickly. Reminds me of when Meet Your Match dropped.



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