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Can I get some suggestion help?

Mrs. U

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I was trying to make a new suggestion for a hat and I wasnt able to find the proof I needed because I apparently need premium to get the info??  I figured that showing the buyers of an item would be sufficient evidence that the value of the item went up. So my mistake I guess.  I tried to do suggestions before a long long time ago. Im not very good at doing suggestions, haha.


Anyways, I tried using the "compare" function and using the dates of the items from there history but I just end up with an ass load of items with showing and I dont know how to find the correct info (Or how to separate the items into what was traded for what) Its for the Death racer helmet if you're wondering.


Thanks for any help thats given. Or even tips.

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Sorry took so long to reply. I was gone for the day.


Just wondering if a bot sells to another bot does that still make it a valid sale?  How do you know if they are not the same person using bots to raise up a value on an item? Im just checking to make sure.


OR Maybe I should just leave it alone and not even bother with price suggestion on this item.  I will probably just eff it up again LOL



Just realized you did the suggestion for me. LOL Appreciate it.

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