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I need help ;-;


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Hello, Im REMMAH! I came to this forum to seek help and guidnace. Lets cut to the chase, I need help with a scam that has befell me in TF2. I was using backpack.tf to list my Unusual Geisha boy, and luckily 10 minutes later, i had someone asking me about it. Now, this guy seemed pretty legit at first and he started asking me if it was legit and not a copy or something. I told him "Yes its legit"... So he soon asked if i had a friend i could trade with and i replied "Yes" and gave him the name, My friend notified me that this guy had friended him and we soon after got into aDiscord call so we could discuss. After discussing the possible scams we decided to trade anyways (since we were in discord together) i asked him if he was ready and he asked me. We tarded and soon we both got notifications on confirmation. We both clicked confirm, However the hat NEVER got to him... and went to one of the guy's friends. WHat happened? and is there a way to revert this? I need help from you guys, it was my very first unusual, and it was scammed. Please i need guidance.

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The item is lost. There is nothing you can do beyond filing a report on Steam Rep. Make sure to include screenshots of the chatlogs and trades as well as links to the profiles of the guy you talked with and the account you traded with.


Checking an item to see if it's "legit" is one of the most common scams out there. The guy impersonated your buddy and got you to trade your item away for nothing then ran.

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I feel bad for people like you who come here and say this, its like a monthly thing with people who trade *sigh* I guess I have to go through this again don't I

1. you get their SteamID First

2. doesn't matter if they are legit or not you must always check their backpack in backpack.tf and get their SteamID(basically profile link)

3. you go to a magical site called https://steamrep.com/

4. you paste their id there

5. It will show if they are a scumbag or not and thats about it

follow all these steps and you are safe 100%

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