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Getting back into trading, curious a bit.

Star Prankster

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Man, i remember my 30 keys backpack last year. So proud of myself for getting there.


But now i'm coming back, but sadly only with around 3-4 keys in value and i plan to get up there and beyond.

And yes, i acknowledge that the current trading scene is getting bigger but worse in inflation. I better adjust to that. (And i hope tf2 team makes a 10 ref sink that gets you cool items, would get a lot of ref out of market)


Anyways, i may be experienced, but i don't know currently what things have changed. (besides scrap.tf assimilating backpack.tf for the better good and inflation the same ol' bad thing)

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Heh it's the same, only values have changed. Don't know how far back you go but buds are nothing anymore, I remember selling high mid tiers for 5 buds. Anyway, just look on tf for the current price changes.  

Ps I agree we need a ref sink


Edit you said last year....nothing has changed

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