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Remove trends for Killstreak fabrictators, Kits etc etc


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As it says on the tin. It seems some are deliberately raising the price of these items which is misleading for anyone who is not savvy on there actual cost... For example, Most crappy spec fabricators are worth very little. Yet atm you have Letranger fabricators being valued at $10 dollars because someone has obviously bought one recently to deliberately obfuscate the prices on backpack.tf. The trend feature is in no way accurate or helpfull in its current state. So for the sake of noobs getting ripped off by highballers. example:


https://backpack.tf/stats/Unique/Specialized Killstreak Fabricator/Tradable/Craftable/6523-6-224


Due to the crappy trend feature people are trying to exploit people who are not so wise. Until the feature works effectively can you please remove it. Thanks. Daily my backpack value goes up for no apprent reason other than this stupid broken trend feature


See below for example. The amounts and numbers below are broken. Only one item sold at a stupid cost. ZERO others did so why does the trend data show otherwise. Clearly its not working properly.  4 have not sold at £18.85, 5 havent at 15.09 and so on so whoever devises this feature maybe fix it because clearly it is not working at all. One sold for 75 dollars so who knows where they get the rest of the data from because most have sold for the usual 0.03 so wherever you get the figures from is beggars belief

12 hours $18.85 4 sold (FALSE) ????
24 hours $15.09 5 sold (FALSE) ????
48 hours $9.44 8 sold (FALSE) ????
72 hours $7.56 10 sold (FALSE) ????
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