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Worried about trade w/ scammer

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Scott Bakula    1060
Scott Bakula

Most communities feel that once a scammer, always a scammer. So, trading one of your unusuals to him will most likely result in a ban from here as well as practically every other trading site out there.

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Carnage    927

Trades with that user will result in a ban. 


Anyone marked on SteamRep or banned on backpack.tf for scamming or being an alt of a scammer will result in a ban on the main site.

Our guide for background checking is here - 


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MeFigaYoma    56

Note that the first time you trade with a scammer unknowingly is usually only a temporary ban here and on outpost, and the second time is permanent on outpost and a longer temporary ban here. Backpack.tf doesn't permanently ban for trading with scammers until the third occurence normally. Of course if you trade with this particular user you would probably get permanently banned for knowingly trading with scammers because of this forum post ;)

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