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Putting this here since https://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/forum/8-website-issues-ban-appeals-donation-premium-issues/ isn't working for me.


The user Panda trade with a marked scammer alt (I traded with the same scammer and got banned)

Here are the item histories of the items that were sold to them


I already reported him once, but its been multiple weeks and nothing has happened yet



All these were trades with a scammer alt

Silver/Panda had full knowledge that he was a scammer's alt

chat logs have since been lost, sadly

also made auctions on scrap.tf to avoid being caught, but I couldn't find any solid proof other than memory of chat.

Silver/Panda also told me that he stopped trading with the scammer after his friend got scammed by the same one (what are the chances), but he is still on his friendslist for whatever reason



Edit: http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/76561198087402437


also banned on tf2op for trading with scammers

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This is the link you are looking for - https://backpack.tf/issues


All of the trades with the items you listed happened well before the alt was banned and there is no evidence that the user knew he was trading with a scammer alt account. 

You can report that user again on the main site if you do have that evidence. 

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