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Whats the best birthday present you got in TF2?


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mindacos bought my bubbling boron on my birthday for 14 pure since i've been selling it for like 1.5 years unsuccessfully


the next day the madman gives me my frostbite milkman


this dragonborn helmet is p special to me, given to me by a good friend

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My friend Lizard has given me a festive bonk atomic punch for 2 years now.

I gave him a GBH Anger for his bday but it's whatever. >:(


PS my birthday is on the 6th buy me stuff pls thx

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P.F. Bucka from Baloo. The very hat that was my first unusual over 3 years before that.

Shoutout also to Teeny and the gang for giving my my c9 practicioner

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