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Backpack.tf CL brackets 10 key prize


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Closing signups, BECAUSE WE WILL GO LIVE IN 3 HOURS. Since we got decent amount of signups I'll host another one for knockouts :)


But for now let's watch the overpriced, overhyped Frenchies get smashed by Celtic.


Also this thread is official CL chat thread now :)

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Results are in. Will attach file with my calculations, which I think are correct. but here is the ranking:


Kaushu 51                WINS 5 KEYS

Mastikhor 47           WINS 3 KEYS

Brian 41                   WINS 2 KEYS

Shuffle 36

Shamefurr 35

Axle 33

Penguin 33

Manic 32

Hack_slash 31

Zcrab 31

Andrew 29

Uro 29

Mindacos 26

Pudd 26

Astra 22

Barbapagga 22

Fish 20

42istooshort 18



edit: shit forum doesn't allow me to attach a word file. believe me on my word or calculate for yourself then


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13 hours ago, YeahImAndrew said:

haha ez run for us :-)

Eriksen, Alderweireld and Vertonghen playing amazing games against Madrid? I feel very nostalgic suddenly. Hope you keep the boys together

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