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I'll make you a Source Film Maker render :D

Alex From Security

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So basic story, Hai. I'm Alex. ( I am from security)

I guess you could call this a service, but I don't charge. Although any donation or token of appreciation is always very nice. Just using my picture is awesome already!

Here is my gallery. Click me for eye porn.


Would you like one? It can be non-unusual effect too, some people like them in the trade post to make their hat stand out a bit more.


How to get a screenshot:


  • Join my group (I check it more often than these forums) 
  • Request one on here with the following information.



  1. Hat name (Full name please ._. I still dont know all the hats)
  2. Hat color (if applicable)
  3. Class
  4. Effect (If applicable)
  5. Miscs
  6. Describe a scene you would like: (If not I can always do one for you  ;) )
  7. Extra info


Thanks guys  B)

I usually stream when I make my screenshots so add me and if I am online ask me if I did your shot yet and maybe I can stream for you.

Here are some of my personal favorites I have done.


Green Scoot  ^_^





Cool pyros don't look at explosions  B)





Bad@$$ Scout




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