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Debugging a Laptop


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Good Day to all.

I am a Apple enthusiast and collector that happens to be having a odd problem with one of the laptops I have picked up. The laptop in question is a 2007 MacBook, and I was gifted it by a client who didn't want to spend money on it considering its age and value. As a result, I have no history of the laptop before I was given it to work on. The problem I am having is with screen backlighting. The backlight on the laptop often randomly shuts off while in use, with the screen still visible in the background. It can occasionally be re-lit by lowing the brightness to 0 and turning it back up again, but it often blacks out again if turned up too high. The only thing I did beforehand was run the computer without the fan to install the OS, as the fan had seized and I was waiting for a replacement. I let it run till thermal shutdown and then waited for it to cool to reboot, but I dont think this would have an issue with anything. So far, I have verified the computer works perfectly other than the backlight issue. I have also tested with an external display, which output normally; replaced the backlight inverter, which changed nothing, and changed sleep settings so the laptop doesnt sleep. The backlight also goes out no matter what position the screen is in, so I feel that cable fray is unlikely, especially with the fact that the screen will turn on no matter the position, before it blacks out again.


I am looking for advice as to what I should try and debug next, as ive reached the end of the road for doing everything for free, and my guess is my next fix will cost me. I thank everyone who contributes for your help.


(Disclaimer: I am aware of the age and value of the laptop I am referring to. The reason im looking to fix it is for my own enjoyment, not because I use it for a daily driver. So getting a new laptop wont work for me)

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