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Few questions


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Hi guys, i have some questions on gadgets and whatnot.

1. How do you upgrade your ram on your laptop? do you just go to the computer shop and ask them and they'll do it for you? or do they give you the stuff and you have to do it yourself? can all laptops upgrade their ram? or just some?

2. Whats the best amount of ram for gaming + work? my laptops at 4gb i think, and tends to lag when i have facebook on or youtube + dota on for some reason. Is it because of low ram?

3. Whats a good budget phone for college students rn? I have around $300-$400 at most i believe. would like it if it was able to play games on it without lagging too much. also prefer to hv good camera and around 3gb (4 would be better) ram.

4. If anyone has Hola VPN, could you explain to me how it works? i downloaded it but it keeps saying failed to connect or smthing like that.


thanks in advance!

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