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pricing problem?


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so i traded someone for a festive blue mew scattergun, minimal wear, and when looking to check the price here, it only shows the regular skin not the festive version.

Being me i tried to go off of the steam market price converted to keys (~2) and now people are calling me a scammer for asking for that much over the bp.tf price, which seems to be incorrect. Any ideas on what to do? or what the price actually is?


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Pricing for skins under 10 keys is disabled on backpack.tf. The reasoning is that since most trading happens on the Steam Community Market, an auto-generated price using that information would be more accurate than any suggested price. I personally don't agree with this reasoning, especially since the auto-generated price is based on the lowest seller and not on past sales, often causing inflated values. Your best bet for pricing these skins is to look at past sales on the SCM and figure it out from there. For festivized skins keep in mind that Festivizers are worth ~25 ref, so festive skins can be worth at most 25 ref more than the non-festivized version. Often they are worth less due to the same reasoning that makes applied paints and strange parts much cheaper than unapplied versions.


Also, anybody that calls you a scammer because of your price is probably not worth your time, regardless of the type of trading you're doing.

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