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Suddenly the mannco store says I have a waiting period

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Since the Steam Community Market became available, I started buying items on sale from the mannco store from time to time with the wallet funds I've raised by selling things.  It's a simple way to make a little extra profit here and there.  For example, I picked up a few TOD tickets recently during the Smissmas sale (like a lot of people did).


I've never had to deal with any waiting period before, but now when I mouse over items in the mannco store, it's telling me that if I buy something there it'll make me wait a few days before I can trade it.


I haven't added any new payment methods or anything and I haven't logged in from a new device.


So... why do I suddenly have this restriction?  I can't figure out any reason for it other than the possibility that it has something to do with the new year.



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Buy from the online store.



Will that ensure that I don't have a waiting period?  I was logged into the web store earlier and I didn't see any messages about waiting periods, but I just figured that they never included the functionality to retrieve and display that information.

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Nah, I've been abusing buying Gift wraps for 1.99. No waiting period as opposed to the game store :D


Here: http://store.teamfortress.com/itemdetails/9233939


Everything else should be tradable.

Sorry I am not quite clear on what you're saying.  The price of giftwrap is the same in the mannco store as it is on the web store...




And what do you mean by "everything else should be tradable"?  Are you saying gift wrap is what I will have to use to bypass the restriction?


When you say "nah" are you saying the web store does have restrictions?  Or that it does NOT?


Apologies if I seem like I am being stupid, but I just want to be absolutely sure about this.  I am planning on buying some of the EotL keys when they come out and I don't want to have to wait 2 or 3 days to trade them.


Thanks for your replies, btw

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In-game mann co store = nothing is tradable.


Online Mann co store = everything is tradable.


Take it from there.

i buy my items from the mann co store (paints i can resell for more), and i buy them ingame, but i've never had a time that they were untradable, only first time i ever bought something.


I believe i read something that if you made a purchase in the last 3 (could be different number) months the items you buy in the store are tradable.

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I was buying tons of paint off the in game store (during the sale) that claimed to have a wait period but once I bought it there wasn't one. I advised friends to do the same and their's were also tradeable.

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