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What is your/the best class in Mann Vs Machine?

Ward - MvM Anyone?

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I think they all have their purposes (exept the terrible spies and snipers) and they all (usually) contribute greatly to the team.


My favorite is the cow mangler soldier or krits medic. What's yours?

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spy can be very usefull, so can sniper its just that 99% of the players does it wrong.

i've played with a spy who got all the money, dealt most dmg to giant medics with backstabs and sapped groups for slow.


sniper who can aim properly can be pretty usefull with explosive HS's


also, why no poll?

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medic, engi or soldier. 


Heavy is too slow

Scout is too hard

Spy/sniper = I never even tried

demo makes the team rely on you, I always let them down

pyro is lame

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If Im playing Coaltown - Sniper. Giants go down so easily and Coaltown has the perfect sniping platform.


Elsewhere - Soldier with Bazooka/Banner

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I like Engi and sniper, scout if both of those are taken.


Engi I use Southern, standard shotgun and wrangler.

Sniper I use hitmans or stock, jarate and bushwacka

Scout I use scatter, milk and fan/sandman


Sniper I agree is only good if you can hit the headshots a good amount of the time -- but when you do, it's absolutely devastating. For that reason, I'd say a good sniper would be the 'best' class, just because of DPS potential -- I outdo a lot of engineers when I snipe.

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