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Increase What's Considered "Outdated" for Unusuals


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I've been thinking about this for a while, and it really made me want to make this suggestion when I saw this:



I was talking to polar bear one time about a suggestion I was making. I asked if I should use an "Outdated" price of 3 months old on an unusual I was using. He said it was fine, and that unusuals 5 or more months old since the last suggestion are invalid/outdated, not 3 or 4 months. People who do not have a chance to talk with admins about this stuff, make suggestions on unusuals etc. and believe that by looking at a price on the unusual page that has a red ! warning means it's outdated (e.g. link above), and shouldn't be used, which isn't really true. The warning starts only 3 months after the last update was accepted, which I think should be pushed to 4, but preferably 5. This way, it seems more accurate as to what is Outdated or not, unless it's a rare case where 3 month old price is extremely contrary to what it goes for today.




Just a thought...


One other thing

It would be nice that instead of having unusuals that are outdated tell us when they were priced, that all unusuals show use when they were last priced on their unusual page. I'll post some pics to show you what I'm talking about





Note: These are just suggestions. No need to be rude or anything. These are ideas that popped up in my head so keep your hurtful opinions to yourself and try to say them in the nicest way possible. Thanks. 

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We talked about this. I also told the other mods it would make it tougher on suggestors since a lot of unusuals are outdated, but at the end of the day, we all agreed that if your limit on sales is 3 months, it makes no sense to make the "outdated hat price" more than 3 months. If a hat has a 5 month old price, it means that the sales used as proof there are 5-8 months old which would be hardly reliable to use as proof for a current hat suggestion. 


I assure you, we've had this discussion already, and I don't see this changing. At the end of the day, we've made a conscious effort to improve the overall quality of suggestions even if quantity of suggestions is reduced. By the new guidelines, we hope every single sale used on a hat will be reliable and we will be on much more solid ground with our unusual suggestion ranges.


Here are some quotes from other mods from our discussion:


"I think that your time amounts for sales and old prices are far too lenient. 5 months is an eternity in tf2 trading, and 3 is not much better."


"On the summer effects, 3 months can already be outdated by ~2 buds on a 10 bud hat."


This is especially an issue on new effects

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I can agree with the second statement, but not so much the first. I mean, a one day price can become immediately outdated. Who's to really say when a price is truly outdated? 

As with bp.tf pricing, I think the warnings are just meant to be a guide as well. It MAY be outdated, but it MAY not be. That's what refreshing prices is for. I think 3 months is an acceptable warning limit. But 4 or 5 months? That's a bit ridiculous I would think.

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