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Should I do an unboxing


Waste Money or not  

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I was just thinking, should I do an unboxing in a game because I have done csgo unboxings on case sites, but I was feeling more tf2. I've heard of people making keys out the ass by unboxings, but I doubt i'll do that. I know I could just buy an unusual and sell it or just buy 50 bucks worth of keys on opskins or marketplace but idk. 

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Your chances of actually making anything back are slim, and even if you get something high up like an unusual you probably already could of bought it plus some.


But other people have unboxed unusuals on their first key, some unbox for a long time and get something that makes up for every single key.


It's all about luck.

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why would you do unboxing on websites?that will obviously mean lossing money.you can never gain profit from gambling websites.do real unboxing in tf2 or csgo game or go do spycrab gambles.its been good for me rather than thosse shitty sites.and for now dont do unboxing until you are rich af

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Unboxer twenty crates during the Halloween double Unusual event. Got a bit over 2 keys in items. Morale of the story? Don't unbox.

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If you don't mind losing your keys go for it.


90% of the Unusuals you'd unbox are dirt cheap considering the chance of unboxing an Unusual.

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