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Rate my pc part picker list :3


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The keyboard stays, I need one with a slope in front of the keys because of the position I use my computer in.


I dont think theres a monitor chosen yet, I do need a monitor too. Nothing fancy, just something decent for games, videos, and general use, and at least like 15 inches wide


I cant take credit for putting it together. My goal is to be able to run nearly anything at high settings, and run tomorrows games without a problem.

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  • I'd get a 7700k+Z270 board/6700k+Z170/Z270 board or an R5 1600+B350 board. 
    • An overclocked R5 1600 will perform similarly to a 6700/7700 in gaming while costing less and performing much better in multithreaded loads as it has an additional 2 cores/4 threads. 
    • An overclocked 6700k/7700k (they're basically the same) will perform the best in games -- however the big advantage of a 6700k/7700k compared to an R5 1600 comes from the fact that the 6700k/7700k can handle ultra high framerates much better -- since you're pairing with a 1060, that isn't much of an issue, so I'd personally side with the 1600 since it's significantly cheaper and has the extra 2 cores/4 threads. 
  • The cooler comes with thermal paste. 
  • There's plenty of cheaper RAM. 
  • You can get an SP550 instead of the 850 Evo and save like $20. The 850 Evo is technically better, but you're not likely to notice a difference unless you sit and benchmark the two side by side -- low latency is the reason SSDs feel fast and the latency is similar. 
  • Vega is also something which might help with the pricing on GPUs -- which spiked recently due to mining. If AMD ever manages to launch it.  


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Just my 2c. I actually have the 6700k and a 1070, will play anything in my library on max apart from project cars. Dirt rally over 60fps the entire time ect At WQHD. If you were going 1080p you could monster most if not anything out at the moment. I would get a larger SSD myself, i got the intel 360gb one and it filled up so fast, i have 30gb left lol. Go for a 500 if you can it really is worth it.

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I like the fact that you chose Skylake over Kaby Lake. That's a very good choice since Kabys use to have problems with temperatures and don't work very well with Windows 7/8/8.1.

I don't think you need an additional thermal paste though, one comes with your cooler already.

Samsung is a very good choice of a brand for an SSD, too.


However, you need to pick another motherboard. Yours supports up to DDR4-2133MHz, and your RAM is 3000MHz. Try to look for one with a Z170 chipset too, this way you'll be able to overclock your CPU easily.

I can't suggest better parts for you at the moment since I'm on phone and it's rather hard for me, I'll be on the PC in a hour or two.


EDIT: Found this one, supports 3000MHz memory, has a Z170 chipset (ATX): https://pcpartpicker.com/product/mp8H99/gigabyte-motherboard-gaz170hd3p

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