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Laptop recommendations?


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What kind of laptop brand is considered reliable?


I need a laptop for school/work so it needs a decent battery life span and a solid build.

I'm looking spend about 500 to 700 EUR.


Currently I'm looking at a Lenovo Ideapad 510. Any feedback on this one? Other recommendations? 



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if you just looking for a portable laptop for school a lot of students at my school use chrome books, idk how much that is in euros but its about 80-100$ Usd

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Lenovo y700-15isk good peformance, solid  aluminium , battery on internet almost 6 hours , internet off 14 hours cold temperatures geforece gtx 960 m

in Lenovo y510 battery is not that good like in y700-15isk and plastics housing

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I have the Ideapad 310, I've had it since either Nov-Dec last year,

I've mainly used it for College work which consists of taking notes and programming - as a whole it seems to hold up quite well, I run Linux on it and have encountered no issues.


- The build quality, to me at least, feels quite solid: not much wobble from the screen (when typing for example on ones lap) and the hinge feels tight and well made - but I'm no big laptop guy and can only take experience from a number of them.

- The exterior is made from plastic yet it doesn't seem to detract from it's quality I think.

- Overall it performs well however I am quite disappointed with the battery life, my laptop when the brightness is lowered will last roughly 4 hours of active use (and I believe your 510 is supposed to last an hour more than that)

- Don't attempt to play games with the 310, mine has a Skylake i3 I believe and it just about runs ETS2 on low settings, but if you don't need it for games I'd say it's a decent bet as far as my knowledge goes.


That's just my two cents on it.


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Excellent choice. The Lenovo ideapad 510 is a good product and will last more than Dell and HP.

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