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fashion problem

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hopefully this can help nerds like you help nerds like me when it comes to fashion




Question 1: When to go no socks?
Question 2: When to wear white shoes vs black shoes? (Casual, converse shoes)
Question 3: What parts of my outfit must match?
Question 4: What colour shoes to go with jeans? (Black, white with dark blue, light blue, grey jeans)


Will post pictures later, once my phone finishes updating.


Need serious advice.

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1. No socks works with light shoes and shorts. If they're short socks you can still wear them, I'd not wear long socks and shorts of course. 

2. don't wear white shoes full stop. unless you're doing sports or something. I only like white details on shoes like the shoelaces and such.

3. Not sure how to respond to this, but I like to keep it light on the amount of colors and usually my style gets complimented if anything. As such I Always wear something white/black/rarely grey and a color that goes with it. (e.g. black pants dark red shirt, blue jeans white shirt)

4. I'd say anything that is dark.

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Foamy the Fearsome

1. I never wear no socks unless I am at a beach/pool or in my own backyard (barring inside of course). They're short (not the heels only kind, but regular short ones). However, this is mostly  comfort-driven and not fashion-driven
2. I think this greatly depends on your outfit, but I personally would not wear white shoes at all. The only white shoes I've had were indoor sports shoes, and even for that I use black shoes nowadays.
3. That depends greatly on what you're wearing, and I guess many of this is a matter of taste anyway, although I guess there are plenty of things that are generally considered tasteful.
4. Unless you want an immensely colorful set, I'd stick to black shoes

Note that this comes from someone that wears the same type of outfit for pretty much every occasion, so eh.

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1. Open shoes and shoes you can just slip in without problem, without the need to tie, basically footwear that keeps your feet fresh, so you don't sweat.

2. Black in casual situations, always, white is a color of cleanliness, wear it on occasions where you have white clothing to match, it also a wildcard for colored clothing.

3.I usually go Shirt- Belt, Pants-socks-shoes, without deviating much from the color spectrum of the overall outfit, say you got a grey shirt, you're free to go with black jeans and dark/light brown boots, pay attention to what part of your clothing you'd like more attention on.

4.Usually the bluer means more flashy color for shoes, white to the light ends of the spectrum (light grey to white), black to the dark end and grey to pretty much any low saturated colour.

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This is a really vague question. What style do you dress like?


1. You can go no socks when you want to. Generally I only go no socks in the summer because it becomes hot, but you can pretty much flex those sexy angles any time you want.


2. It really depends on your outfit, but white and black shoes are very versatile. It's all about what colours the outfit you are wearing consists of. I always choose black shoes if I am going to walk on grass, dirt etc. so my white shoes don't get bashed up.


3. It depends on the look you want, and what pants/top you are wearing. The important thing is, if you've got a really loud piece, everything else in your outfit needs to be toned down (dark colours). If all the stuff you are wearing is pretty plain and simple, it is all about finding colours that go well with each other (there are tons of guides out there for this).


4. Depends on the colour of your jeans. If they are black or dark, almost any shoe would match. If the jeans are light wash, lighter colours work better. If the jeans are white or grey, black or dark shoes are also better.

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