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What are your opinions on the growing tensions in America?


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Late 2016 up to now has been a tense time for America.


The 2016 election, The tension we have with the middle-east, The tension we have with Russia, etc. etc. It's all been growing together like a tumor, and it seems like every day there's something new.

A new shooting, a new terrorist attack, a new problem. it's terrible.


What are your opinions on the growing tensions and disruptions in America? Do they effect you?

For anyone who lives outside the US, what's your perspective of everything over here?



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I'm not from the US so I'm not the best person to judge. But I don't really feel like there is growing tension between the US and Russia or the Middle-East. To me it seems like those problems (which have existed for decades) are just brought up for national politics, Russia by Trump's opponents and the Middle-East by Trump's supporters.


But hey, maybe I'm just out of the loop.

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I agree with @barbapagga

We have always had problems in america, there's always been shootings that happen all the time. Middle east has had trouble for a while now, before the US got involved with Iraq and Afghanistan. the Russians were leading military fronts in the middle east, that was happening in the 1960s-1970s. George Washington authorized letters of marque and reprisal for mercenaries to go to war with local warlords in the middle east.
Stuff like what you see in the news, has been happening for a long time. It just so happens that now the media wants to cover everything bad that happens because it's good for ratings.

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