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What song/songs did you play in loop for at least an hour?


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For me its those: 

(that trump video with this song, but made me love this song)



those ones for me

i could find more but those are probs the highlights


what are yours?

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Uh oh. Here comes the thread that will make people raise an eyebrow over my unusual taste of music.


Pretty normal


Awright, some nice grooves



okay wtf just happened 


Yes, I have played all these songs for more than an hour.


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I usually get sick of songs after around half an hour, but there are a few ones which I've listened to for that long.




4 hours ago, baggetis said:

The Thomas the Tank Engine remix with the rapper


Thomas the Dank Engine*

I think this, but I'm not certain. There are a lot.


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For me it's 



Nick Drake - Pink Moon (not on YT












When I'm 64 - The Beatles (not a good rip on YT


21st Century Schizoid Man - King Crimson (same as when I'm 64)


Probably a lot more but I'm too lazy to find links. 

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I swear I could put any song from the Marshall Mathers LP. But here's my personal fave, I couldn't get this song out of my head for at least a week.



I recently been addicted to the EDM/Chiptune songs used briefly in Pokemon GO and 8 Ball Pool videos. I bumped this nonstop for 3 days.




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