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Steam friend likely got sharked 2 months ago


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This trader sharked a scorching bat charmer's (orgasm) out of my steam friend. Backpack value of my friend dropped from 380 to 50 bucks. Problem is, this guy who sharked it (i traced him down) has an 88 buds backpack but does not have any tf2outpost profiles or any other trading site accounts, hence likely a sub used to hold sharked items.


I would just like to ask, has anyone traded with this person before/has anyone heard of this person before? I'm pretty annoyed with this because I was collecting to get that hat.





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hopefully ur friend gets back his item (no i haven't traded this guy before) i got sharked about a few days ago lost over 200 dollars worth in items/unusuals so i know how it feels. good luck to your friend :)

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