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I am currently looking for some good looking Scout loadouts. I need help getting a FULL loadout, weapons and cosmetics.


My current budget is 1 Key, 139 Refined Metal, and 2 Reclaimed Metal.

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You can try messing around with random stuff on loadout.tf until you find something you like.

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fast learner, breakneck baggies, brotherhood of arms. Gold botkiller scattergun mark 1. pretty boys pocket pistol. strange festive holy mackerel.


All painted lime.





but for real, I love the delinquent's down vest, the cool cat cardigan, fast learner, the gloves (cant remember the name right now), brotherhood of arms, tossle cap, breakneck baggies, and the festive holy mackerel and gold botkiller scatter mk 1. 


I think the botkiller mk1 is way cooler than australium, and all of those hats and miscs are nice

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