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Issue regarding inventory value


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I recently completed a trade hold for a trade that fetched me an easy 7 keys pure profit(the most I've ever gotten in my life). The other person paid a Peace Sign Desert Marauder(19-21 keys) and a Strange Australium Frontier Justice(9 keys) for my Disco Beat Down Airdog(19-25). I had him overpay because of the trade holds.


Immediately after the trade went through my backpack shot up to its peak inventory value of about 940 refined, or 30-ish keys. I remember that my vote power went from 90 keys to 150 keys instantly.


I then sold the Unusual to a quick buyer for 15 keys pure, because I am on vacation and don't have the time to sell it. I also sold the Australium for 9 keys to a bot.


Soon after I saw that my vote power dropped to what it is now: 129 keys. This was because my "peak value" on the site had apparently dropped, even though it was clearly higher before and there was no way the peak value of a backpack can go down. It had went down 5 keys because I had quicksold the unusual.


This is only a minor issue, but I would like to know why it happened. Is it because I sold the items the same day I recieved them? Or is it some other problem? I'd like to know what you think.

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inventory ranking and (I think) voting power are determined by current inventory value, not peak value. It looks like you sold your items too quickly for bp to register them ever being in your inventory for a day, which is why that value isn't showing up (seen here: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198269650829#!/compare/1496016000/1496102400)

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(I think) voting power [is] determined by current inventory value, not peak value.


Voting power does use peak value.

But yeah, I assume you would be correct about OP's inventory changing too quickly probably causing the issue, inventory history only takes one snapshot a day, and I assume the value at the time the snapshot is what matters for all the calculations and such.

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