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Origin of a quote I stole from someone

Sgt. Paincakes

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Hello friends. I stopped using backpack.tf and its forums ~2 years back. I'm just ducking back because I need the origin of a quote I stole from someone on these forums.


"Think about the people you were in love with. 27 planes just crashed while you were thinking of him or her." -Aspera Ludicio Halanokila on the numbers of the Earth.


Yeah, that's it. No idea who that person is, I just find that quote really funny and want to use it in a yearbook.

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I didn't think you'd come back to haunt me.


I made that quote up. I was thinking "Hey, the Earth is kinda big, let's make some bullshit statistic." It originates from the pure randomness and stupidity my brain made at the time.


I hate looking back to that time when I spammed quotes that were stupid and made no sense. I was hoping that I would never have to look at it again.

This is a nice but unpleasant throwback. 


I ask of you, never put this in your yearbook. There are much better quotes you can use; funnier and more creative than this one. Don't waste it on this foolish fling with statistics.

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