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Small change to item histories


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This is just a minor change, but I don't see why it shouldn't be made.


In many items, you will see a header at the top of the item history saying:

We have history for this item, but we don't have it on record as currently existing. It's likely something has happened to it:

  • It may have been traded to an inventory that has not yet been parsed or accessed on the site.
  • It may have been deleted.
  • It may have been moved to a private inventory where we are unable to track it. It will reappear again whenever we find it again.
For instance, here is an example of an item that I recently traded:



However, this item has neither been deleted or moved to a private inventory. Instead, this item is in a trade hold.


My suggestion is to add a fourth bullet to the list saying that the item could be currently in a trade hold.

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On top of trade holds another option for an item to disappear from an history is:

It could also be giftwrapped. That would make an item "disappear" out of the history (and creating a new one just for the wrapped item) until it's unwrapped again.

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Wouldn't be opposed to adding additional examples/conditions

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Also, if possible, make it still have a picture of the last known version of the item?

So we can see what item it was.

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maybe if the item is in a scammers backpack that is private then it could have a spot that says scammed, bp already tracks historys and marked players

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