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Thoughts on the new roster list on MvC Infinte


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My thoughts on the new roster were not good other than X, strider and Monster hunter, and that one guy from Darkstalkers being added in the capcom side for the marvel side tbh had no unique characters other than Captain marvel, Rocket being 2 characters in one, Thanos (at fucking time he is in a 3D game) and venom who is sadly a DLC character same goes for Sigma, but I was surprised that Arthur and Firebrand made it back in the game.

Tell me what were your thoughts?

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I'm utterly bewildered that Arthur and Firebrand made it back in. Most are unsurprising and/or disappointing due to just being veterans from UMVC3. Monster Hunter sounds interesting, and X is absolutely welcome; Zero was cool (and broken lul) but not Mega Man.



Once again a lot of veterans again. Rocket/Groot seems like it could work kinda like Ferra & Torr in MKX? Thanos finally appearing in a 3D game is brilliant, and Ultron looks great from the few clips of him we've seen.



Why in god's name is Sigma DLC? Not only the most recognisable Mega Man X villain, but also half of Ultron Sigma - the MAIN ANTAGONIST OF THE GAME - only available as DLC? Madness. Looking forward to Venom though, gimme that tanky Spiderman.

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